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Sophron Notes

Sophron Notes - Sophron

Sophron Notes - Sophron

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Sophron Notes - Sophron


From the Greek 'sophrosyne'; to mean a sound and well-balanced mind. 

Our namesake blend is designed to be your mind's sound morning wake-up call; a gentle lift from an afternoon's slump whilst grounding your nerves without the caffeine jitters.

For coffee quitters who are transitioning; enjoy as a remedial substitute to coffee.

Herbal Notes:

slightly earthy, lemon notes, minty

Brew Guide:  1 tbsp per serve | 250ml at 95*C. Infuse for 4-5 minutes.


*Gotu kola:

lifts mental fatigue, boosts focus and cognition, reduces anxiety
*Sencha (green tea): 

boosts energy, rich in antioxidants, reduces inflammation
*Ginkgo leaf

stimulates blood circulation, improves memory and focus; long term use can improve cognitive health.
*Lemon myrtle:

a cooling herb; calms stress and insomnia, and soothes digestion and muscle tension

a cooling herb; soothes digestion and cramps, alleviates nausea, reduces inflammation

*Ingredients are sourced from Australian certified organic suppliers. 

Amber glass jar with aluminium wadded cap. This jar offers protection against UV light ~ Store in cool temperatures

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