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Sophron Notes

Sophron Notes - Selah

Sophron Notes - Selah

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Sophron Notes - Selah


from the Hebrew 'selāh'. Frequently appears in the bible at the end of a Psalm, as a liturgical mark to pause and listen.

Crafted to create an intentional pause; to slow down anxious thoughts; a deep rest from tireless nerves. 

For maximal benefits, enjoy before bedtime.

Herbal Notes: sweet, slightly floral, earthy and minty

Brew Guide:  1 tbsp per serve | 250ml at 90*C. Infuse for 4-5 minutes.


*Chamomile:soothes digestive tension, mild headaches and reduces inflammation
*Passionflower:relieves muscle cramps, hypersensitivity and restlessness
*Chrysanthemum: cooling, lowers blood pressure
*Lavender:calms nerves and reduces inflammation
*Sacred lotus:induces deep sleep, relieves stress and anxiety

*Ingredients are sourced from Australian certified organic suppliers. 

Amber glass jar with aluminium wadded cap. This jar offers protection against UV light ~ Store in cool temperatures

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