Coffee Information

5 years ago, our friends Keith and Matt from Grace and Taylor Coffee Company contributed to a Kickstarter campaign hosted by Raw Material to fund the replanting of the Raw Material farm El Feníx in Calarca Colombia, and the construction of a community wet mill at the farm.


The farm is planted with an array of unique coffee varieties and acts as an experimental example to other producers in Colombia of what can be achieved by planting these varieties. The community wet mill allows local farmers to come and process their own coffee to a very high level giving them the opportunity to capture more of the value of their coffee.


One of the rewards for the largest backing option was to have a plot of 1,000 trees of the extremely rare Wush Wush variety named after them - this coffee we are sending to you is from the very first harvest of that plot. A really great example of a project that has touched many hands and will continue to serve the community well into the future.


We really hope you enjoy both the white honey and natural process of this coffee, as well as its incredible story.


Much love from the 108 team.