Melsign - Baggy Tartan Trousers V2 - Brown

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Melsign - Baggy Tartan Trousers V2 - Brown

The budding design of the trousers is a step closer to stacking the checkered layers. Deliberately arrange dislocations in editing to create rich folds. Enhance the sense of visual weight while walking. Side cutting and pleating, cleverly hide side pockets. There are two pockets at the bottom to increase storage space.

The front waist is an inner drawstring, which can be easily adjusted with a 4mm round rope

Elastic band design at the back waist for increased wearing comfort

The trousers are equipped with snap buttons, which can adjust the shape of the trousers

Moderate thickness, suitable for all seasons

Measurements (cm): 

S Total Length 95.5 / Waist Width 36 / Hip Width 49 / Trouser Opening Width 23-29.5 / Crotch 38.5

M overall length 97.5 / waist width 39 / hip width 52 / trouser width 24-30.5 / crotch 40

L overall length 99.5 / waist width 42 / hip width 55 / trouser width 25-31.5 / crotch 41.5