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Hacienda Sonora - Costa Rica

Hacienda Sonora - Costa Rica

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Hacienda Sonora - Costa Rica

Strawberry, mandarin and cream

REGION: San Pedro de Paos, Alajuela, Costa Rica

ALTITUDE: 1200-1300 MASL

VARIETAL: Red/yellow Catuai, Venecia, Bourbon, Geisha, Villalobos, Villa Sarchi

PROCESS: Post-blend process black honey and natural

The black honey process involves drying the coffee with an intact mucilage layer, resulting in a unique creamy-textured profile. The natural process involves drying coffee inside the cherries, resulting in a fruity, winey flavour in the overall cup profile. This blend, also called ‘red gold’, due to its velvety crema, is ideal for espresso or enjoying as filter.

The Honey Natural blend represents the culmination of Sonora’s diverse varieties and process styles. Carefully selected and processed with exceptional efficiency, this coffee offers a truly special cupping experience, embodying the expertise and dedication of Hacienda Sonora.

Please leave a note if you need the coffee ground and for which brewing method.

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